Photo Gallery

We often take photos of our dogs with the help of professional photographers for us to cherish every memories of our beloved dogs

Show Gallery Throughout The Years
Update :
July 2017

Alfie's 14th Birthday
Photo Session Ft. Filya & Ale
Jan 2018

Alfie's 13th Birthday
Photo Session Ft. Hades
Jan 2018

Pet Vaganza by Amazing Dog Race
Photo Session Ft. Falcon & Cyan
Feb 2017

Alfie's 12th Birthday
Photo Session Ft. Falcon
Jan 2017

Alfie's 11th Birthday
Photo Session Ft. Kira
Jan 2016

Kira's 3rd Birthday Party
at The Breeze BSD City
June 2015

Alfie's 10th Birthday
Photo Session
Jan 2015

Yani & Baby Jeff
Baby Photo Session
Feat. Senna of Zephyr

Ferdinal & Fanny's Prewedding
Feat. Guinn, Kira, Hacker,
and Rei of Zephyr

Alfie's & Maxima's
Birthday Party - Jan 2014

Kira's & Louis'
Photo Session - Oct 2013

Kennel Photo Session

Kennel Photo Session